Best Websites to Compare Travel Insurance Plans

Travel insurance plans are available from many companies, and each one has different prices. Because companies operate on different premium systems, even similar coverage plans can cost very differently. Compare plans based on coverage, features, and price. Click on the coverage listings for more details, then select the plan you’re interested in. Then click Remove from the screen to remove it. Compare the prices for each plan to see which one offers the best deal.

HTH Worldwide, which was founded in 1997, provides high-level medical coverage, with a $1 million total coverage limit. Coverage includes typical hospital charges, office visits, and in-hospital stays, as well as the costs of prescription drugs outside the U.S. Presets like “Cruise” and “Cancel For Any Reason” allow consumers to set a particular level of coverage and adjust the premium accordingly.

Squaremouth is a third-party review site that allows users to review policy details and compare plans. Squaremouth is a NerdWallet partner and has over 70,000 customer reviews. It also offers a 24/7 customer service. The company also has a “Travel Insurance 101” learning center, which includes information on COVID-coverage. AARDY provides links to COVID-coverage and COVID-quarantine.

AIG Travel is another company that offers several different plans for travelers. Its “Pack N’Go” plan offers last-minute coverage while traveling. AIG also offers two travel medical insurance plans, which are both useful for last-minute trips. Seven Corners also offers group travel insurance plans, annual travel insurance, and student plans. Its Preferred plan is especially valuable for frequent travelers, and includes coverage for sports equipment.

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